Biography, awards and collections


He is from Extremadura, a native of Granadilla (Cáceres), where he was born on March 18, 1953.

He received his artistic training at the Escuela de Bellas Artes de Santa Cruz de Tenerife and the Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Madrid, where he resides and pursues his professional career since 1979, but without losing the close bond that unites him to his homeland.

As a theatrical set designer, the following works stand out: sets for the plays “Las hijas de Búfalo Bill” (1974), “Ruina de sociedad” (1975) and “Canto del Fantoche Lusitano” (1978). As an illustrator, in 1985 he illustrated the book “Génesis del recuerdo”, by the Berciano poet González-Guerrero, and in 2013 he illustrated the cover of the book “Cuadernos de verano” by Félix Pinero. As a designer, apart from other works, he has made stamps for the Spanish Postal Service and joint issues with other countries.

Since 1974 his work has been exhibited in more than 70 solo exhibitions in museums, galleries and other cultural spaces. In 2005 he returned to his homeland with “cuando Granadilla” (when Granadilla), the first exhibition held in Granadilla, a forcibly abandoned village now declared a Historic-Artistic Site, which registered more than 37,000 visitors. In 2007 he was the first Spanish artist to exhibit his works in Doha, the capital of Qatar, one of the emirates of the Arabian Peninsula. In 2009, more than 40,000 people visited Enrique Jiménez Carrero’s last solo exhibition in Salamanca in little more than a month, breaking all attendance records for a solo exhibition in Salamanca. During 2010 his work was part of the prestigious group exhibition “Naturalezas Muertas” organized by the Museo de Bellas Artes de Badajoz. That same year, an exhibition was held for the first time in the Cathedral of Plasencia with a selection of ten works by Jiménez Carrero.

In 2005 he was named Adopted Son of Plasencia, tourist ambassador of the city and town crier of its Fair and Festivities of June in 2007; he is also awarded the prize for the dissemination of the Commonwealth of Municipalities of Trasierra-Tierras de Granadilla in 2009 for his exhibition “When Granadilla”; in 2010 he was named Favorite Son of the town of Alagón del Río, a town founded by the ancient inhabitants of Granadilla.

Among the prizes and awards won by Jiménez Carrero in his early years are the following: Bronze medal in sculpture at the II National Art Exhibition in Madrid, second prize in painting at the exhibition of the City Council of Mostoles, first prize in painting “Martes Turístico” of Plasencia, first prize in the V Painting Contest of the City Council of Leganes, second prize at the Salón de Otoño de Pintura de la Caja de Ahorros de Plasencia, first prize at the VI Salón de Primavera de Cáceres, first prize and gold medal at the XXII Salón de Arte de Puertollano (Ciudad Real), first prize for fair posters at the Town hall of Plasencia.

Today part of his work remains in art galleries such as the Fujit Museum in Tokyo, Fine Arts Museums in Albacete, Santander and Badajoz, Postal and Telegraph Museum in Madrid. In addition, in the cultural funds of the Provincial Councils of La Coruña, Albacete and Badajoz; City Councils of Plasencia, Móstoles, Leganés, Puertollano and La Coruña; Savings Banks of Extremadura, Zamora, Salamanca, Municipal de Pamplona, Albacete, Toledo, Caja Postal de Ahorros, Caja Rural del Jalón-Zaragoza, Valencia, Badajoz and Duero; MAPFRE Badajoz, Real Casa de la Moneda y Timbre, Asamblea de Extremadura and other public and private collections in Spain, France, Germany, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Colombia, Mexico and the United States. USA, Mexico, Colombia, England, Italy and Qatar.